Pet Rat

Many years ago I told Deron I wanted to train my Ratties to Agility and needed Equipment. God Love Him! He got out a ruler and pulled up Dog Agility Plans on the Internet and started the math. Mind you, he had already been making (and still was) Dog Agility Equipment). From there he built me about every piece of Agility Equipment for my Pet Rats that Dog's have plus more.

I trained our Rats, and started the website:

I was contacted by RATS! Magazine, a magazine printed for Pet Rat Owners and Lovers, to write an article and send them photos of our rats. I was thrilled!

Soon Deron and I were Hand Crafting and Selling the Equipment in both packages and individual pieces. Rat Love Agility! LOVE IT!

We have more information and videos on our websites.

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-- The Rabbit Agility Team
Thu, 30 Apr 2015 18:30:38 -0400

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