Rabbit Crafts

The contents of this page for Rabbit Crafts is still under construction. Please check back later!

I am looking for cute, fun and functional crafts of items that can be for the rabbit or rabbit related. Can you help? If you send in an item, please include a photo (or a few) of your craft. I will credit you with the idea and work.



Look for patterns for stuffed rabbits in thrift shops; look for ideas in rabbit catalogs and magazines; give new life to an old toy, take an old stuffed rabbit and make it into a puppet; draw a rabbit head for a wood or fabric hobby horse, make it rabbit shaped, use and old broom or a wooden dowel for the stick; use your rabbit feed bags (the inside liner) to make large pattens for for items you never seem to have something large enough to copy; use rabbit print fabric to make handy tote bags in just the sizes you need. Make several in different prints for all your shopping and toting needs; buy rabbit print fabric when it is on sale for that craft item you do not know you are even making yet; don't throw away the pattern and instructions to the needle point or other crafts so that you can reuse them or share them with a friend; buy glass paint and paint rabbits and rabbit heads on old plain cups and saucers; make earrings out of those single rabbit charms you have, the earrings do not have to be identical; Make a necklace out of that favorite rabbit earring you lost the match to; make toys for your rabbits to play with out of empty plastic bottles; take an inexpensive clock apart and add a rabbit photo over the face, put it back together and add a battery to make it work; make a rabbit print fabric book cover for your paperbacks

-- The Rabbit Agility Team
Fri, 17 Apr 2009 12:06:32 -0400

[center]Marna Kazmaier - marna@rabbitagility.com

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