Hamster Agility

Running Bear on his first motorcycle

Hamster Agility? YES! And you might be surprised at how easy Hamsters are to teach....with treats of course.

Hamsters make GREAT pets if they are bred right and cared for and treated correctly. Most Hamsters are NOT mean or nasty. They are just Day Sleepers. Once you respect this, once you have learned to handle your Hamster correctly, you are on the right track to understanding, enjoying and training your Hamster! Please read our pages on the Hamster Agility Website for Care and Training, you might just be surprised how quickly your little pet enjoys being with you.

Amazingly (to some people) a Hamster can learn to do Tricks and Tasks too.

Please see our Hamster's enjoying Agility Website: www.HamsterAgility.com

The contents of this page, Hamster Agility, as well as our many websites are still under construction. As we work and train our animals and have time, we update our sites. Please check back often.

-- The Rabbit Agility Team
Wed, 29 Apr 2015 13:33:51 -0400

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