What to Bring


When you attend a rabbit event you should always bring a small sturdy cage with a secure lock and a slide out tray underneath it for each of the rabbits you bring.

Bring a small amount of your rabbits regular diet, a fresh vegetable snack, some treats for encouraging your rabbits to "play" and a water bottle filled with water from home (take this off the cage for the drive so that it does not leak in your cage).

You should also bring a small amount of clean bedding so that if your rabbits bedding would get soiled, wet or otherwise needing changing you would be prepared.

Never bring more rabbits then you can safety handle by yourself. Others will have their hands full with their own rabbits as well and be helping with the event, never assume someone will be there to help with extra rabbits that you bring.

Always bring your good humor. You have an agenda, your rabbit does not, it does not care about winning or impressing anyone. Always need to bring your good humor, sometimes a double dose is necessary.

You should wear comfortable clothing. Running shoes are a must. Just remember, many time pictures are taken for web sites, articles and club newsletters. Many times a group of competitors will go out for a bite to eat after an event so comfortable clothing are a must but don't wear your "barn clothes".

You may also want to bring a snack and drink for yourself. If several rabbits are present, the event may last longer then first anticipated.

Bring your copy of the event rules and regulations.

Bring a folding chair to sit in with you from home. The event may or may not be held in a place that provides chairs.

Bring a small notebook or even just a folded piece of paper in your pocket with either a pen or pencil. You will want to write down your animals times, competitor times, and other notes about the event. You may also want to write down phone numbers and email address of new friends you have made at the event. If you have business card, bring some of them too.

WarningYou are responsible for all of your own personal property including your own rabbits while at a Rabbit Agility event. Keep your purses and other personal and rabbit items with you at all times. You may want to think about what you really need to take with you to the event and what could stay home.
You are responsible for your own, as well as your rabbit's health, welfare, and safety at any Rabbit Agility Event.


PARENTS OF 4Her's THIS SECTION IS FOR YOU. Kids learn from how their parents act. If you are taking your child to a 4H event, as a parent, behave! Don't talk badly about the other kids, their parents, other animals, the judges or how the event was put on. If you don't like something, save it for next year and volunteer to help so it can be presented your way.

Also, this is their project and their day. Parental help is wanted, needed and appreciated, but the idea is for them to learn by doing. Have your child do as much as appropriate for their age. By the same token. The 4H kids do need your help, your encouragement and your kind words. Be the wind under their wings.

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