Troll Doll
Crocheted Dress, Headband, and Matching Necklace for 5.6 to 9 Inch Troll DollPrice: $14.95  

Troll Outfit Closeup 2019-03-19

Troll Outfit 2 2019-03-19

This is a cute little Crochet Thread Crocheted Dress that comes with a Matching Headband and Necklace.

This Outfit will fit most Troll Dolls 5.5" to 9". The Model for this Dress was a DAM 604 and a Uneeda Wishnik. I thought you might like to see the outfit on different types of Troll Dolls.

This outfit was Hand Crafted Stitch by Stitch.

The Dress has a Pink Top and Trim, with Vergiated Thread to match for the Skirt. The top has a Sitting Cat Charm sewed to the neckline. The Dress closes with a metal Hook and Eye.

It comes with a cute little Crocheted Head Band to match. The Headband has a little Pink Flower sewed onto it. As well as a Matching Green/Pink Beaded (streatch) Necklace that goes with it for a bit more bling! The Necklace could also take the place at the hairline of the Troll Doll.

I KNOT all my threads and yarn so that ANYONE, the plan is, including children, can dress a Troll Doll without the threads slipping and unraveling.

Dress Size: 8.5" wide, 3.5" long (between sleeves measuring down toward hem. The stitches will have some give to a bit of stretch for 'thicker' Troll Dolls.

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