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WINDOW JUMP- Rat Sized Agility Equipment PieceOut Of Stock Price: $19.95


This is a heavy item and shipping does reflect that. We do try to keep our shipping and handling charges down....this one is going to cost a bit more to mail out to you. It will however ship for free if you also buy an Rat Agility Set (six pieces or more) at the same time.

The photos of our animals playing in any equipment you see are our animals playing in their own equipment made for them. When you buy items for Marna's Menagerie/The Agile Rat they are new and never used or worn item. Our items are made in our non-smoking USA, SD home.agility_windowjump_sugar.jpg

The jump is approx 8" wide and 11" tall. It has a wide cut out/window so that even a rather, uuummm, wide rattie can enjoy this piece.

Window Jumps are fun for the Ratties, trainers and spectators! It is a pretty easy piece to train the rattie to come through.

***Our items are not refundable or returnable. Not only can ratties germs be spread by using an item, we have found that some people, believe it or not, just would love to have our items for photos and then return them.....I don't think so!! If there is a craftsmanship error, each of our items is handcrafted so there will be a bit of imperfections, we are happy to replace the item with one that matches the returned item as close as possible.

Look for more agility small animal equipment in this and other categories at our sales sites. We also have more Open, Closed and Double Open Ended Tunnels in our Accessories category here at the Rat Items For Sale at this site.

Training small animals to run an agility course is a lot of fun for both owner and pocket pet. We also sell Open Tunnels, and crocheted tunnels in both Open and Closed Tunnels for Small Animal Agility or just for fun.

Small animals items, because of disease that can be spread, are non refundable, they are not returnable. However, if there is a problem with the craftsmanship we are happy to replace the item with one of the same (fabrics may be a bit different). Thanks!

This heavier item will ship for a higher flat rate of $7.95 to the USA. Lighter items can be included at no additional shipping costs. Your shopping cart will show your shipping costs and total based on the items in it.

This product is currently out of stock.

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